• animation art direction
  • visual development / production design
  • concept art
  • character & background design
  • editorial & book cover illustration
  • picture book illustration
  • sequencial art
  • story boards
  • colour scripts
  • whimsical, macabre, cute and surreal visual storytelling

Ana María Méndez Salgado

visual storytelling | illustration | visual development

Ana the artist:

I'm a freelance artist passionate about storytelling and poetry in animation, picture books, graphic novels and visual arts. I work digitally and traditionally, procuring that the style emerges from the story and concept explored. I love to be involved in projects that delve into fantasy, poetry, children's literature and magic realism.

My work has been showcased as part of award-winning productions in Latin-America, Europe and Australia. I've undertaken studies in Visual Art, Illustration and Animation as well as courses in Children's Literature, Cinema and Sequential Narrative. I've also worked as a mentor and lecturer at the University of South Australia.

Besides being available as a freelancer, I currently work at KaruKaru Studio, as a co-director and production designer, developing animated stories.

Ana just Ana:

I was born in Colombia and spent my childhood in constant contact with the mountains. I love riding my pushbike, being surrounded by nature, listening to children's conversations, reading legends, studying old objects with hidden stories, and contemplating the world while everyone else is busy. I currently live and work in Adelaide, South Australia, with my husband and best friend, and our round-faced, curious and mysterious little girl.